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Steak Your Claim Seasoning

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Steak Your Claim

Grilling Dust

  • STEAK SEASONING!: A great gift for any fan of the bbq grill and great steaks, so pretty much everyone. A savory rub, with fragrant caraway, deepens the “beefy” flavor and this spice blend will make it feel like summer BBQ season all year long. Try it on your steak, ribs, pork chops, hamburgers and roast chicken.
  • PREMIUM INGREDIENTS!: This steak seasoning packs all the flavor by blending together hudson valley salt, demerara sugar, dried garlic & onion, sweet paprika, caraway seeds, crushed red pepper, black pepper give this spice its unique and gourmet flavor profile.
  • MADE: This gourmet and gluten free bbq rub is the premier seasoning on the market. Our spices are made here in America and blended by a professional chef. Crafted with tasty, rich, all-natural ingredients, this blend provides mouthwatering flavor that gives your meal the perfect kick.
  • USE: When you fire up the bbq grill sprinkle this seasoning shaker onto your favorite protein or vegetables. You can sprinkle this combo of spices onto your steaks burgers, pork, chicken, ribs, or anything you would like to inject some serious flavor before cooking.
  • PERFECT: Designed as the perfect meat seasoning to complete your spice collection. Intended for the barbecue seasoning fan, great for birthdays, summer time and all other holidays.



Hudson Valley Salt, Demerara Sugar, Dried Garlic & Onion, Sweet Paprika, Caraway Seeds, Crushed Red Pepper, Black Pepper