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Short Ribs (approx 2.5lbs)

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HC Meat Description: Hunter Cattle Short Ribs are the perfect center piece of any meal. The fantastic marbling and flavor in our meat create a memory, not just a meal. When you serve Hunter Cattle grassfed Short Ribs you are not only feeding your family and friends great tasting meals, rich Omega 3s, and many other vitamins and nutrients only found in grassfed beef! Each Hunter Cattle grassfed Short Ribs package weighs approximately 3 lbs.

HC Farm Overview: All of Hunter Cattle Beef is handcrafted and raised 100% grassfed start to finish. Our cows are raised on pasture and never given antibiotics, hormones, steroids, animal by-products, and are never confined. Allowing our cattle to roam freely creates incredibly healthy and delicious beef. Hunter Cattle ensures beautiful marbling and incredible flavor in your meats. Don’t forget grassfed beef can cook quickly, so low and slow does the trick! Please see our recipe tips for cooking instructions.

HC Packaging: All meat products will be vacuum sealed and shipped in a cooler with ice. Depending on transit time orders will be delivered frozen or very cold. How we ship has been tested to ensure that your order gets to you safely. Most often the meat will be frozen upon arrival; although the meat may be starting to thaw it should still be very cold to the touch.