Pastured Pork: Whole Pig Standard Cuts

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  Whole Pastured Pork
  Approx. 190lbs of Pork
  Approx. Cost $975.00
  Price per lb $5.13


Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing.


Flat rate shipping does not apply, please call for estimate.


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How Much Freezer Space Will I Need?


*Whole Pastured Pork - chest type freezer totaling about 7 cu. Ft.

These estimates serve as a guide for customers to follow.

Different cutting instructions may increase or decrease poundage and types of cuts depending on the pig.

Please refer to the Pastured Pork Cut Breakdown sheet below for a list of estimated cuts.

● All meat is vacuum sealed and frozen.

● See custom order form for substitutions and changes


Pastured Pork Cut Package Description Whole Pig  
Pork Chops 1” Thick Approx 36-40 Chops             
Ribs 2 lb packs 2 packs             
Tenderloin 1 lb packs 2 packs               
Ham 4 – 6 lb Hams 4-6 Hams            
Butt Roast 3-4 lb Roasts 6 Roasts   
Ground Pork/Sausage 2 lb packs 16 packs             
Bacon 1 lb packs 12 packs  
Ham Hocks 1 lb packs 4 packs             

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