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Limili Seasoning

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Lime & Chili Seasoning

  • TASTE: This is a delicious Chili salt with a Lime twist; it's used across Asia on fresh Mango and Pineapples and gives your taste buds a special treat.
  • IDEA: Taste the Lime, saltiness and chili heat all in one go, it's a typical dish of the region and is truly magical when used on fresh Pineapple or Mango.
  • USE: The chili lime salt is also great on many savory foods from chicken and pork to seafood as well as the fresh fruit.
  • FOR USE: With the BBQ season just around the corner this salt will make your BBQ the greatest on the block. Also use it as a glass rimmer at a party or on the beach.
  • DRINKS: Rim your Margarita Glass with this salt for a Blast of flavor. Once you've tried it you'll be craving more.