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Buddy's Pork Mix Dog Food Bulk 5 lb. Package

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Buddy's Pork Mix Dog Food


Why Feed a Raw Diet?


- Improved health and longevity.

- Better weight management.

- Raw-fed dogs are usually slimmer and more muscular.

- Better oral health and fresher breath.

- Better focus, more successful in training.

- Smaller excrement.

- Less shedding, Improved scent, and shiny smooth coats.

-Easier potty training.

Feeding guidelines and adjustments.
a. Feeding raw is appropriate for all ages and life stages.
b. Puppies can start eating raw food, supplemented by their mother’s milk,
as early as 4 weeks old. Puppies should be fed 3 times a day 10% of their
current weight daily until the amount is equal to or greater than 2-3% of
their target adult body weight
c. Adult and senior dogs should eat in average 2-3% of their ideal weight. If
your dog needs to lose or gain weight, decrease or increase the amount.
Less active dogs need less food
d. Some dogs might need more or less than the suggested amount
depending on their metabolism and activity level
e. You can feed 1 or 2 times a day depending on your schedule and your
dog’s comfort
f. A fast day (administered once a week) is optional and depends on yours
or your dog’s level of comfort. Fast days can be beneficial and can
improve immunity and digestive heath. If you chose to do it, provide
plenty of water during fast days and include some mind stimulation like
training, a hike, or a meaty bone to chew on.
g. Tripe should be used to supplement feeding and should not exceed 10% of the diet.